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Lynk & Co are going racing with Cyan Racing

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Cyan Racing is an independent racing team who recently won the 2017 World Touring Car Cup (WTCC) with their Volvo S60’s. Cyan Racing was previously called Polestar before Volvo bought the name and the performance division to use it on their hot road cars, such as the V60 Polestar estate.

Cyan Racing has partnered up with Volvo’s new sub-brand, Lynk & Co to run a Lynk & Co 03 saloon in the FIA World Touring Car Cup. The car will be competing against Audi, Alfa Romeo, Honda, Hyundai, Peugeot, SEAT and Volkswagen. Yes, basically half of the VW Group are in the WTCC.

Image Source: Lynk & Co

Thed Bjork is Sweden’s first World Champion when it comes to racing and will also be a driver in one of the 03 saloons. With help from Cyan Racing, Lynk & Co will be developing a performance vehicle department. The first example of this will be a 500bhp concept car based on the upcoming 03 TCR race car.

This will be Lynk & Co’s first adventure into the world of motorsport. The 03 is also a good base for them as it’s based on the Volvo XC40 which will also give its chassis to the future V40 and S40. Yet, this seems ironic for Lynk & Co as they try to disassociate themselves from enthusiasts and traditional car purchasing methods. But saying that, this is a great marketing campaign for them as potential customers would be more likely to ‘subscribe’ to a car which they saw racing.

However, when you look at the 03 TCR, it looks pretty cool with it looking like a more interesting Dodge Charger, especially with the DRLs on the upper part of the car’s front area. The centre mounted rear taillights are also a nice touch too.

The part that Cyan Racing are using a Lynk & Co car instead of a Volvo shows that Geely (owners of both Volvo and Lynk & Co) are committed to making their newest brand work and appeal to potential customers.

Image Source: Lynk & Co

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  • I'm not too sure about this whole Geely thing.

    1 month ago
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    • If they can pull off a good car from the lessons they've learnt from Volvo, then I welcome Lynk & Co as a brand and rest bite from the monotonous slew of German vehicles!

      1 month ago
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