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I know I haven't really told you much about my BMWs and the different personalities they have. But you can imagine there is probably a reason I have three of them. It is not because of redundancy, or shear luck or inheritance; or the lack of ideas of where else to throw my money at (well maybe a bit of that). No it's because each one of them has a very distinct personality.

A low mileage S38, modified to exert the true definition of M-Power.


I have owned a few BMWs over the years, since college. There were different combination governed by need or lust. But I truly believe now I have picked my top three choices. Of course there will always be more to ask, but in reason I feel fortunate.

The touring has been delayed in the past few days getting license plates for it, so I decided to jump back in my M5 while that gets sorted out. I finished the M5, it's biggest to date project (engine swap) in late February this year. Since then I daily drove the car to work, and we did a couple of long trips - Vintage, TexFestVIII. Somewhere a total of 8000 miles in the past 8 month. A true attestation, personally, to my own skill set in the art of engine swapping, and building.

A low mileage S38, modified to exert the true definition of M-Power.

The touring on another hand, very nimble too with its S50B30 and a 5 speed, is a very relaxed beast. A total sleeper. And I love it just as it is. And I have only owned it for 10 days. My good friend, who build the car to its current specs and who sold it to me after 9 years of ownership, has done an outstanding job.

Last from the PO, before he picked us up at the airport to exchange custodianship.

But yeah, I jumped in the E28 yesterday, pressed on the clutch, shifted into 1st to pull out of the garage. And it all felt like the car was totally new to me. One doesn't need a radio when riding in an S38 powered car. The sound of the engine passing through the stainless steel header, and the trackpipes makes you feel every drop of fuel. Even if its just a 10-mile commute, usually in a school zone. Trust me the 5th graders that greet my son every morning as I drop him off, love the car!

And I am glad at work I am not alone... in my madness.


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