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M​ac Book pro review (16"

A​ review after around a month of owner ship and week in college as a Mechanical engineer

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I​ never thought of the day I would buy A Mac book. I used to be a dedicated windows user, but after stepping deeper into the walled garden I don't think I want out. you might too.

W​hy I decided to swap

M​y biggest gripes with windows was how annoying it was to go through your own files, screen shot, organization, connecting bluetooth devices, and updates. I can go on about small details for awhile. Another factor to why I bought a MacBook Pro is because my Toshiba satellite was painfully slow after 6 years. The need for an upgrade was calling, as well as something with horsepower.

W​hat makes Mac OS amazing?

S​implicitly is something I enjoy about Mac OS. if you want to change a setting simply look it up in the settings search bar. changes you want to make can be found easily, best of it all some changes can only be made after inputing your password to make said changes. Want to find something? easily use the finder tool, adding tags makes finding a PDF, or photos easy, and gets rid of digging through your folders for awhile. Looking for a certain application? use command centere and see all the application you have, you can even throw them in a folder, for you own organizational needs.

Unlock your Mac with you finger, better yet; YOUR Apple Watch! All you have to do is be close to your Mac and it will open. Best of all, Apple doesn't beg you to use a terrible browser (cough cough... windows edge)


M​y second favorite C-word. With everything being linked via your Apple ID you can easily share copied items between other products in the Apple ecosystem, paste a link from your Mac to your iPhone and vice versa, quick and simple. Even your icalendars are linked, making planning you next semester easy. Another edge Mac OS has is, iMessage and FaceTime. You can receive and answer in seconds without looking away from your Mac . Mac OS is defiantly great for multi tasking, everything you could want to do, is acheivable through simple gestures and software features.

Windows does have a similar feature where you can swipe up on the track pad to show all your running apps. However windows computers aren't really known to have consistently "good" track pads. Another little detail windows lacks is shared paired devices, with Mac you can swap your Air Pods to your iPhone, and vice versa.

H​ardware and Software work in harmony

T​he massive track pad on the MacBook Pro allows for nifty gestures to open up command centere, show desktop, slide between tabs, open notification cetere. The Touch Bar allows for you to change brightness of screen and keyboard, it changes function depending on what applications you are running, there's word suggestions on it, tab switching*only on safari*, and you can change the functions it has. You can even hold down the track pad words, and you'll get definitions of words. The Touch ID sensor allows for you unlock your Mac with a quick tap, allows for to quickly signing into websites *only works for safari*

Keyboard ⌨️

T​he most important feature of any laptop 💻. Travel distance on this keyboard is quick, and allows for people with fast wpm to go all out. there's a nice balance of input needed for this keybaord, it touches a nice balance where you don't need too much or too little. You may need to look up the shortcuts because they are very different than windows in a few aspects, but they feel natural and quick once you ge the hand of them. There's shortcuts for screenshoting your whole display(Touch Bar too), emoji, stuff you don't catch on windows.

B​attery life🔋

I​'m quite surprised by how long the battery life is on the MacBook Pro, its advertised to have around 11hrs *depending on use*. In my use of this computer I've been able to go through 3 two hour lectures, mess around with CAD, edit pictures on Pixelmator, take notes, browse, and have about 20% left in the battery when I commute home. It can defiantly last a good amount of time provided you lower your brightness, and close apps you don't need to have running.


T​he spec of the 16" I got is the base spec, it has an 6 core 2.6Ghz i7, 1/2 TB, and 16Gb of RAM. The main con with getting into Mac is..... who'd of thought price 💵. I got this at 2,000$ * Student Discount* if I had wanted a TB I would've had to spent another 400$. In short, if you are looking for more specific specs, order you Mac book online vs in store. Another con is "dongle madness" you don't really need as many dongles as you think. Anker and other manufacturers make products that do more than just read SD cards, or give you a USB port.

T​o sum Up

I​ shot this picture on my iPhone 11, with portrait mode.

I​ shot this picture on my iPhone 11, with portrait mode.

-Quick and easy to use

-C​hanging your preferences is easy

-Continuity is amazing and isn't frustrating

-​Boot & Charge up is quick

-​Lost of time saving features

I​f you asked me what I think about on a scale of 1 through 10, I'd say 9/10

F​eel free to bump or ask any questions below

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