- World famous drifter Mad Mike in his 2019 Lamborghini Huracan "NIMBUL".

Mad Mike Summer Bash 2019

A small overview of Mad Mike's Summer Bash 2019 at Hampton Downs racetrack, New Zealand

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*Quick note, some of this information may not be correct, so don't take anything for reference, the quality on the videos are poor but that's out of my control, they should have been 4K, also sorry this is a little late*

Mad Mike's Summer Bash is an event exclusive to New Zealand (a country, not the capital of Australia), it's a day where Mad Mike will bring out his best cars and thrash them to the limit, and sometimes beyond. Anyone can bring their car along, take it out on the track where you can hoon about until you break something, even drive right next to Mad Mike himself. Mike is one of the most insane rotary enthusiasts in the world, and he has attracted hundreds of other rotary fans from around the country, and even the world, to take out their machines and thrash them on the track.

Hampton Downs is 2.8 km (1.7 miles) long, with 7-10 corners (depending on what you call a corner) It's in the Northern Waikato region, about an hour south form Auckland (the main city of NZ). There's only 3-4 events a year, but they're usually pretty good, they have: Mad Mike's Summer Bash, The Australian GTs, Caffeine and Gasoline, and the Mike Pero Motorfest. There are a few other events but we won't get into them now because that's not what this is about.

There were some pretty rare cars as well, all 3 RWB Porsche's in New Zealand were there, the first one being this blue one with the plate: RWB 1, it's more like a race car than the others as it has a roll cage, and the interior has been stripped out a bit.

This is the second one in the line-up, it's a bit more driver friendly, with original leather seats and more features, yet it's slightly different, as they all are. The body kit has extra attachments on the rear fenders, really-deep dish rims, and an interesting colour choice.

I don't have a picture of the third one as it was a bit of a disappointment, it was a convertible, with a tan exterior, and a tartan and sack looking interior.

This is the Mazda 767B, it's like the legendary 787B but it was discontinued after chassis 002 came 9th in The 24H of Le Mans, while chassis 001 won it in the same year. This was Mazda's forgotten race car, as the 787B took all the glory afterwards.

Below will be a few photos and videos from the top 16 shootout, drift laps, the track cruise, the showcase events, and whatever else was interesting. (None of these are in any particular order.)


Top 16 shootout


Drift laps


Showcase event






Insane Nissan Patrol on 3 wheels


767B on the track cruise

This is one of my first posts so I'm open to any feedback given, my posts will slowly get better overtime and I'll try to keep on posting stuff like this for everyone to have a look at, thanks for viewing this it's all appreciated.

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