MAd Morris Minor Hot rod for sale

A Morris Minor with a V8 engine Swap and Nitrous is currently for sale on a popular auction website

3y ago


When someone mentions a Morris Minor to me, I generally think of an old gent pootling along on a dry summers day in the countryside in one. However, this particular Morris Minor is very much on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The car is based on a 1966 Morris Minor but has undergone extensive modifications. The most obvious being the cool Gulf livery on the cars exterior but underneath the chassis has been changed too. It's running a Sierra Cosworth chassis and suspension set up that has been widened and strengthened with additional steel work. It also has a torquey Rover V8 engine under the bonnet - plus a shot of Nitrous - because a V8 Morris Minor isn't crazy enough?!

More details on the list of extensive modifications can be found here:

It's currently up for auction but it has a buy it now price of £12,999.

Here's a video of the old english hot rod in action


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