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MadBoxer - the Subaru engined motorcycle

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3y ago

IMAGES: Lindsay Gibb

Traditionally, if you wanted a boxer setup in a motorcycle you'd need to hand over your money to BMW for one of their flat twins.

Kiwis are an innovative bunch and seem to plough their own furrow where technology is concerned. Just look at John Britten and Burt Munro for proof of that.

The story of The MadBoxer started in 2009 when a designer named Ian McElroy fired up some CAD software to see if Subaru's 2.5 litre flat-four would fit in a bike. It would, and the idea gained popularity. It took a toolmaker from New Zealand to actually put the project into action. Marcel van Hooijdonk laid the parts he needed out in front of him and realised the project was possible.

The WRX STI engine was mated to a two-speed auto box with hand controls up on the bars, and various parts were borrowed from Buell, whilst most were fashioned by Marcel himself. He said the most complex aspect was building the steering assembly from scratch and having it approved by NZ authorities for road use.

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