M​ade in India

​ Lets start with a bit of boring history for all those not familiar. Tata Motors Limited, formerly Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO), is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a subsidiary of Tata Group, an Indian conglomerate. Its products include passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports cars, construction equipment and military vehicles.That should do I guess.

​ Well here I have for you my loyal DOG , my work horse , my shop truck , the thing that makes me feel like a red neck. All these names not just for the sake of it. this bulldog has concured mountains ( we do have some small mountains in the locality ) , this elephant has waded through a few rivers , and held it self together during the august flooding that hit the south of india. This work horse has hauled some serious A$$ ( and by that I mean a lot of heavy stuff ) . and all this while getting the limited care a truck like this should get. all this might not sound all that impressive for all the readers in Europe hill side or the actual American red necks , but its a big deal here so give me a break will you !!!!!!


​ Tata Telcoline is a pickup truck has been around since 1988 , came initially as a single cab all porpose haul A$$ pick up and was even and still is used by the Indian army. In India it was originally known as the Tatamobile 206 and my dad had one in sky blue.In 2007 TATA added a bit of style and came out with second gen TATA pick up truck , but had to come up with a cool name. So we got the all new Tata Xenon. A few engine options were offered all around the world but what my dog has is the range topping 3.0 DICOR L4 diesel ( again all you judgmental guys in the other parts of the world , THATS A BIG DEAL FOR US ). And what that means is 114 hp and 250 nm torques. A limited slip rear diff , electronic tranfer case with 5 speed manual transmission.


​ I like to modify my cars , Alooooooot , and being a bit of a camping nerd and off-roading I had to do something right. So the dog got some nice boots , (a bull dog with big boots imagine that ) .In this case 245 section off-road mud tyres on after market wheels, the original spare wheel area can't obviously house this so a Dakar style rack with added fuel cans , high lift jack . So that took up a lot of the bed space , so a roof rack was added , and forest runs in the night demands some light , again lights all around added. Now the car on its own is carrying extra weight, so lets add power , a full straight 3'' pipe exhaust and a remap.


​ Made in inda. Lets start wit that , mind you TATA owns jaguar Land Rover group and this is a predecessor of any influence from the British . What that means is well. A ladder on frame chassis , double wish bone with a torsion bar up front and leaf springs in the rear. This doesn't make life all that comfortable its not bad on road for a pick up . but the rear is not the best place to be . The seats well I'm planning to add a lot of cushioning lets just stop it at that . the interior you can throw a bucket of mud on it , take around some chickens , I do take my dog around, put the farm produce inside also if your out of room in the bed and roof rack and still it would retain the same functionality and look, makes no difference. The brakes as such are not bad but with no ABS and MUD tyres on tarmac well you will tend to crap your pants once in a while. Surprisingly I find more body roll in a Toyota Fortuner than this and handles well OK for a pick up with mud boots. the clutch is hard and the gear liver is sloppy , the steering is well nothing special. So far you might be thinking why the fuck did I buy this. I'm getting to that.


​ Made in india again . I m glad this car doesn't have any influence from jag & or LR because it was dead cheap to buy , I hardly maintain it and well and the engine filled with water and the truck half immersed during the floods, it took me 2 weeks to just clean it up and get it back on the road . I have a garage ,im in to construction and interior design, some farm land which is not at the most accessible location and as I said earlier beating up and crawling up places were normally many cars won't go is kind of a hobby.oh yea I have a very naughty beagle also , so taking around parts , engines, wheels and tyres ,construction debris and materials, sacks and sacks of farm stuff, my dog and occasionally trashing the car up mountains is what the car has seen the 5+ years I have owned it . and it still runs.

​ off the beaten path the car is excellent , it takes on any terrain really well and dose a decent job to. the electric transfer case is very very easy to use it has 3 modes , 2L , 4H and 4L and the LSD does help a lot . it can crawl up relatively easily but mind you the front shocks are a tad on the softer side for off road use . the underbelly is well protected and the 5+ year of owning it and using the way it is used I haven't come across to much trouble. that's made in india for india guys. so don't you think I can officially be a red neck.


​ Made in india baby , just know we are out there , jag & LR , Pinifarina and loads more . We have our ways but we are getting there.