MAde to be driven

2y ago


Filming in Dubai can sometimes be a rather dull affair, from the corporate film that makes your eyelids droop, to the branded content with the guy that smiles a little to much.

Once in a while we come across something pretty special. Recently, filming in the Dubai desert we came across these beauties. Owner by a tour company called Platinum Heritage, these incredibly rare 1960's defenders are completely authentic. From the engine to the interior, the only changes are of course the tyres and a few little knobs here and there.

We where lucky enough to get a ride in one of the old girls. Shifting into gear and rolling up the dunes took us back to the era of adventure, when Land Rovers where still trundling into completely unknown territory.

In the UAE, a car that is completely original is given the coveted CLASSIC plate. As i stood in the desert there was at least 15 around me!

Anyone interested should head to Platinum heritage and book a ride in one of these rarities, either that or stand in the desert with a camera and cross your fingers!

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