‘MagmaMille’ Moto Guzzi SP1000 – Officine Rossopuro

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In Italian they call it ‘Monte Vesuvio’, but English speakers may be more familiar with its nome Inglese, ‘Mount Vesuvius’. Responsible for the deaths of thousands of Pompeii inhabitants in ancient times, modern Naples has clearly forgiven the mountain of its past crimes. So much so, the 3,000,000 Naples residents that currently live around the base of the mountain seem to be perfectly comfortable with the fact that their city is now the most densely populated volcanic region in the world. And what could be more Italian than celebrating this great conundrum by riding a beautiful motorcycle up and down the dormant beast? Nothing, that’s what. So don your fireproof suit and buts out your best pyroclastic wheelies as we take a ride on the latest build from Italy’s Officine Rossopuro, a Moto Guzzi SP1000 fittingly titled ‘MagmaMille’.

“MagmaMille (or Magma One Thousand, as in the Guzzi’s 1000cc capacity) is like the lava flowing in Mount Vesuvius,” says Officine Rossopuro’s Filippo Barbacane in his beautifully Italian way. “Just a few steps away from the beautiful city of Naples, the bike’s colors remind us of the red of the fire, the gray of the soot and the black of cold rock of Vesuvius.” Never has nature’s sheer, deadly brutality seem so damn sexy.

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