Magnus Walker - His Journey, Porsches And The Nike SB 277s

Magnus is on the podcast to talk about his life, what he's been up to and his new Nike colab!

12w ago

Magnus Walker (@magnuswalker) is a Porsche guy, a man with a beard and generally a pretty cool dude. We have a chat about his journey, lots of Porsches and his new Nike colab, The SB 277 Dunk.

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Show Notes:

00:00 - Intro

02:21 - Urban Outlaw

15:41 - Doing a TED Talk

24:47 - Magnus’ Car Collection

37:37 - Building a 60’s Porsche

48:25 - Ferrari F40

58:02 - Carrera GT and Old Cars People Like

1:07:07 - Nike Collaboration (SB Dunk 277)

1:19:32 - Sam’s Collection and Modern Porsche Chat

1:37:41 - 5 Questions

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