Magnus Walker's 964

5y ago
- The distinctive figure of Magnus Walker striding towards his latest creation
- Man and machine
- Sticker badge
- Rod Emory fashioned the new louvred wings
- Aping the current GT3 RS
- Rear lights reminiscent of the original 911 R
- Magnus's signature rims
- Unlike 277, the 964 is largely devoid of stickers but a subtle Urban Outlaw shield doesn't look out of place
- Magnus seems to drive everywhere with the windows down – as you would if the weather was this good in the UK and you had a car that sounded as raucous as this
- Narrow body, big wing
- I love the mesh almost more than the badge
- Vented quarter lights
- Tight
- Can you see what's missing?
- The 993 motor in the back. It was with the car when Walker bought it but it's been punched out to 3.8 litres
- The colour looks all sorts of different shades depending on the light. Sometimes green, sometimes grey, here almost brown
- Jethro remembers his favourite joke. The one about the penguin and the socks
- Magnus Walker with his trademark hair. I looked positively groomed next to him
- Magnus has a big public persona, but underneath the look, he's just a proper car guy that REALLY knows his Porsches. He was great company, just hanging out on the Angeles Crest for two days while we did all the filming
- Deleting the rain gutters gives a wonderfully clean look. For those interested in such things, I was using a Lumix GX80 with a 50mm (equivalent) prime to take the photos. For better or worse, they're all unprocessed
- Love that front number plates aren't required in CA
- Heading off at the end of the day...

We met the Urban Outlaw and his latest Porsche project on the Angeles Crest Highway. There's a video to come, but here's a look behind the scenes...

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