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Kevin Magnussen has been in F1 for 6 years, and has found himself at Haas. Personally, I think he should move. Haas have had two peculiar seasons. In 2018, they finished in 5th despite having a shaky season. Bear in mind that McLaren were seriously under-performing at this point and Williams only scored 7 points. At the Austrailian Gran Prix, Both Haas cars retired from the race due to a failed pit stop. This then happened to Grosjean the next year. There is in fact, a clip of Guenther Steiner basically saying 'one down, one to go' suggesting that he expected both pit stops to be carried out correctly in 2020. However, I wouldn't put money on it.

Teammate Troubles

In the 2018 season especially, Grosjean and Magnussen fought on the track a lot. For example, Silverstone. They collided with each other, giving both cars a puncture and forcing them to retire from the race. The tension between the drivers grew resulting in arguments and more poor performances. Magnussen was always better than Grosjean which does lead me to question his existence at the team but that argument is for another day.

Where he could go

Renault have recently lost golden boy Daniel Ricciardo but had already agreed a contract with Esteban Ocon. Renault did not expect Ricciardo to move away so quickly and thought they would have had a full lineup but... AH! Magnussen! This article has stated why Magnussen should leave Haas and join a different team - Renault. However, Vettel has no team nor does h├╝lkenberg a recently contract-less Renault driver and what people thought was the end of the 32 year-old.

Magnussen could also go to Alfa Romeo to replace a surely-retiring Kimi Raikkonen but that could potentially be a step-back for Kevin.

Could he stay at Haas?


Is there not even the slightest possibility of Magnussen staying at Haas?


Are you sure?



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