Main street from my 2012 Matchbox city layout

This was the larger street running through Matchbox city. For some reason, there is a national parks services station featured prominently. The trains above are missing four passenger carriages; I usually operated two passenger cars and one locomotive in each direction on the box edge gaurd. I do not know how the FJ40 and Desert sander got on top of the national parks building. On the left was one of the larger garages and auto parts stores. On the right was the medical union depot, which I basically thought of as a union of third-party ambulance services, and so that's where the non-fire department ambulances were kept. On the far right outside of the picture was fire station 46, seen in my previous post. Below the couch on the floor was an area called the Lower Ward. Above the couch on the far left on a sidetable was a seperate city called Hero City, home to older Matchbox cars from the early 2000s. The main airport was in the far left of the lower ward. The police station (not shown) was to the left of the garage, sort of curved inwards. Many auto parts stores and dealerships were on this level of the couch, while construction companies and the FD/PD fleet services lots were in the lower ward. A series of one-way bridges (box edge gaurds slightly wider than a Matchbox car) connected the lower ward and the main level, and Hero city. Because of congestion on the bridges, there was a two-way bridge connecting to the Lower ward that was exclusively for emergency vehicles and city buses. I will post more pictures soon. Feel free to ask any questions or share any Matchbox memories :)

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