Major service on this Italian Exotic is much easier then you think.

If you get scared off when thinking about the maintenance on an Italian motorcycle, you should look into an Aprilia. Easy and simple to work on.

Many places on the internet are filled with people that will have you believe that some brands, or nationalities of motorcycles are just too troublesome or hard to work on to bother owning. We will gloss over the fact that many that spread that misinformation have never actually owned one of these machines, but instead take a look at what it actually takes to do a major service.

In the past I posted about how simple it was to change the belts on an air cooled Ducati. I even did it with a beer in one hand. More recently I had tried to show that some ultra exotic bikes like a Bimota SB8R are nothing to fear either. Now we have something really interesting in the garage, and Aprilia RSV.

While this might be an Italian brand that at the time was trying to ruffle some Ducati feathers on the race track, the bike has a Rotax heart. Rotax is widely known for building rather robust engines.

The service manual says that about every 10k miles you should check to make sure the valves are still within specifications. Most owners laugh at this interval and routinely press well beyond that milestone. Many have claimed to have never needed to adjust the valve clearance. Since it is winter here, and I enjoy wrenching I figured it was as good a time as ever to dig into this bike.

Tank is easy to swing up and out of the way. The air box and a few other small items need to be moved out of the way before the valve covers can be removed.

A very neat, and very un Italian thing I found was that the air box has little tabs to capture the bolts. This means there is almost zero risk of dropping or loosing the bolts. Super clever.

So far I was very much enjoying how simple and easy this bike is to work on. Access was good, the materials felt like high quality. Everything was logically placed.

The manual was easy to follow and the whole task felt well laid out. As expected my motor was well within tolerance, so no further action was needed. Installed new valve cover gaskets and put everything back together.

I am also learning that Aprilia OEM parts are very affordable. The factory has really good parts catalogs and so far everything I have needed is available and at my door in a couple of days.

Even though the motor is a V Twin, it utilizes four spark plugs. I tossed in a new set of NGK plugs so everything is fresh and ready to go in the spring. The oil was changed right before the end of the summer, so I am going to leave that for another time. These engines are dry sump so very easy to drain.

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After everything was buttoned back up I started the motor to confirm there were no leaks or odd sounds. Everything is perfect. The exhaust has a great tone. Not overly loud, but just right.

Hopefully other will see that these bikes are very approachable. Any half decent do it yourself mechanic could tackle these Mile with ease.

Not much left to sort before spring. A couple of minor details need to corrected and set in order for this bike to be absolutely perfect.

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