Majorette - Fiat Coupé 1:64

Need a car with an accessible engine? Here's your winner!

This fine car has been eluding me for a while. Nice examples pop up on eBay with starting prices waaaaay out of my reach. I finally got lucky with a regular auction and still spent a bit more than I usually budget for. Yolo right? haha.

The Fiat Coupe is another one of those cars with love it or hate it looks. I personally love it, and I also admire the Pininfarina designed interior as well. To me, its a very stylish but simple car that has aged quite well. I would definitely love to own a 1:1 one of these if I had the chance.

The Majorette is a fine example. Excellent build quality with terrific details. This is one of the short-lived Majorette supers car that has steerable front wheels. I am super happy to have this in my collection.

Here is a pic (google image search) of the 1:1 with hood/bonnet open. My gods thats a ton of space to work around the engine. More cars should be designed like this!

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Comments (2)

  • In jail no one can hear you scream! lol

      23 days ago
  • Damn, has a steerable axle but the build quality leaves some to be desired.

      23 days ago