make a racecar livery and win some tribecoins

win tribecoins if you have the most beautiful livery

8w ago

If you would have your own race team how would your livery look like? this is your chance to share it and you can even win tribecoins. the competition is really simple,make a racing livery in for example a game or try something other creative.

how to participate, make a livery and comment it under this post and you also have to follow me. try to post some clear pictures. underneath is an example from a livery I have created.

The competition closes when at least 30 people participate. good luck!

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Comments (18)

  • Made one recently for Australia because of the Olympics

      1 month ago
  • Ok, some context before I post mine:

    Like my PFP this desing is based on the Speed Of Kirb meme music videos and specially the Kirbo character, created in the Youtube series named Something about [insert videogame here] created by TerminalMontage, I recommend taking a look at the videos not only for the context but because the dude has earned it. Kirbo is, as a joke, religious, using his divine power as a definitive hability to defeat his enemies in a Deus-ex-machinae-ish way, nothing referring to religion in the livery is made to offend, so please, hakuna your tatas. this is one of 4 screenshots I hope y'all enjuy it and hav a good laugh.

      1 month ago
  • Nice

      1 month ago
  • Can you make it in any game?

      1 month ago