When Donald said he wanted to make America great again, he was probably referring to an era long gone: the era when this #Ford was manufactured.

Hi y’all (hard to find a more fitting greeting considering the car we present to you today). This monster was produced between 2004 and 2006, feeling old yet? Just wait, it’s about to get even more depressive! There are literally hundreds of innovations in this car but we don’t want to talk about that, there is a reason Wikipedia exists. Besides we think it would be slightly unfair for this young dinosaur to be portrayed through figures. This car is an allegory of Michigan before overpowered and slightly undereducated people transformed the local automotive industry in a pile of ashes. It is a giant V8 that screams “AMERICAN DREAM” whenever you push on the accelerator. This dream may have disappeared but the illusion that it once existed looks pretty damn amazing and this is what we feel this car is.

It is a giant V8 that screams “AMERICAN DREAM”

Mathew Yarden

Its engine is the size of your mother in law and develops over 550 BHP. That’s the only number you’ll see in this article because damn it, this car is not about technicalities and precision engineering, it’s about guts, feelings and corn fed rodeo amateurs. It’s about freedom, the freedom to blow up an insane amount of dead dinosaurs in an engine the size of a small power station just for the fun of it. Because that’s the spirit of this car, the very DNA of the US is imbedded in this monster. If you can do it, than why in the hell shouldn’t you?!

Some curves never get old.

Some curves never get old.

Well probably because of massive pollution, impracticality, price, unreliability but if you think like that, then this means you have given up, it means you stopped driving with passion, instead of this you decided to go with a sensible choice. But then are you really passionate if you’re reasonable?
See that’s the point about this car, it’s pure passion and zero f*cks to give about it.
In an industry where all cars are getting cleaner than your little sister before a first date it is pleasing to see that remnants of a passion focused time are still here and look so good doing it.

This is like American fast food. You love it! You just don't want to admit it.

This is like American fast food. You love it! You just don't want to admit it.

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Living the "American Dream"

Ford GT

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars classic and sport car dealership, situated in Switzerland between Geneva and Lausanne, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car.


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