Make AN Army JEEP Now...on Paper

Kids weren't the only one to build paper models, as many paper modeling was also a part of many soldiers' tasks.

German soldiers even used paper models to help identify Russian tank types prior to Battle of Kursk in 1943.

An old Public Domain photo of German soldiers building a paper KV tank.

Wartime British forces built a completely different type of "tank" with paper, when metal was scarce. These "paper" versions of drop tanks, external aircraft fuel tanks made to be jettisoned when empty, were designed from glue-saturated craft paper. These were actually pretty tolerant to heat and cold, but did develop leaks over time. This meant they were good for just one use, still impressive given the were basically paper. That is innovation at work. Well done, Brits.

A vintage WWII era battle diorama with a tank, which has been making the rounds on paper modeler and military history buff pages.Print it out and waste some time.

Text by Lisa Kay Tate

Le Jeep...print and make.

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