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Don't visit the Lancia website, I beg you. While a Lancia hasn't been sold in the UK since 1994, the company trundles on in Europe via a solitary model, the Ypsilon supermini. And that is what you'll find at (honestly, don't click – I've endured it so you don't have to). No graceful coachwork, no innovative engineering, no racing cars and certainly no flying gravel. Nope, just a very ordinary Fiat 500-based hatchback promoted as a “fashion city car”. There is also a hungry-looking businesswoman, a man called Philippe who could once have been Dr Who, and a lady in what appears to be some kind of ceremonial wearable surfboard from the height of the Incan Empire (okay, maybe it is worth seeing that).

Yes, in its 110th year, Lancia is experiencing something of a personality crisis. But thanks to an amateur car designer and Lancia devotee called Andrea Bonamore, we can at least squander the working day dreaming of the storied marque's return to form. The 30-year-old Italian architect has produced renderings of no less than 11 hypothetical Lancia concept cars, including a modern interpretation of the Delta, with a WRC version for good measure. Lummy.

Poltrona Frau-trimmed seats and cocobolo dash inserts aren't going to get anyone broiling in the briefs, so he didn't bother drawing those

Richard Webber

Andrea – who runs the gloriously self-explanatory 'I Love Lancia' community Facebook page at – hasn't stopped there, filling out the range from supermini to mid-engined sports car and shooting brake via most things in between. There's even a pair of suicide doors in there, if you can spot them.

I would not go drinking with this man, for he is clearly not a fan of half measures, as illustrated by the trim line-up he's devised: 'GT' (a nice bit of S line-style sporty trim to keep the company bean-counter(s) happy), 'HF' (for the hot models, as used to be Lancia's way) and 'HF Squadra Corse', in honour of the marque's racing team of old, for the face-meltingly rapid cars. Andrea also suggests a theoretical 'LX' luxury trim, but renderings of Poltrona Frau-trimmed seats and cocobolo dash inserts aren't going to get anyone broiling in the briefs so he didn't bother drawing those. However, in addition to the WRC Delta HF Integrale, there is a Group R version of the Ypsilon for those rallyists with mere imaginary bujillions to spend rather than imaginary fasquillions.

Tarmac terrier: Andrea Bonamore's Lancia Ypsilon HF Integrale R5 concept

Tarmac terrier: Andrea Bonamore's Lancia Ypsilon HF Integrale R5 concept

You can judge the designs for yourself below, but for Andrea's part, he's most pleased with the Deymos mid-engined sports car that follows in the footsteps of the Lancia Montecarlo/Scorpion (1975-1982), calling it the “ultimate expression of the new styling I have created”.

Thanks, Andrea, for sharing your fine work with us. Now, I'm off to start penning the 2020 Argyll GT.

Complete list of Andrea's models and body styles:

Athena – saloon, coupé

D110 Speciale – barchetta

Delta – hatchback, cabrio

Deymos – mid-engined sports car

Hexys – five-door fastback

Hyper – shooting brake

Keyros – SUV

Metys – saloon, estate

Mheras – coupé, spider

Thema – saloon, coupé, cabrio, estate

Ypsilon – supermini, cabrio

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  • Please please please please someone at Fiat do something about it

      3 years ago
  • Looks very nice. If only Lancia was good again. #MakeLanciaGreatAgain

      3 years ago
  • The lord’s work

      2 years ago
  • These would be great BMW and Audi competitors, better than an Alfa range. Real sports GTs for the masses, complimenting Chrysler with a more restrained premium look. These two would cover all the bases forvpeoples tastes in the premium level.

      2 years ago
  • zeer mooi, waar blijven ze!!

      4 years ago