- All white Porsche collection (image PCA YouTube)

Make my Porsche white: the ultimate collection

Be prepared to enter the heavenly collection of 65 Porsches

2y ago

If think you have seen the best Porsche collection elsewhere then think again. This very secretive Porsche collection is one of the largest in the world. What makes this one so unique? Well nearly everything in the collection is white. Is this the ideal Porsche collection where there is little colour to take away from Porsche’s Famous design DNA?

Iconic Porsches all in white (Image PCA YouTube)

Iconic Porsches all in white (Image PCA YouTube)

Not only are the cars white but so too are the walls, the furniture, the floor and the building. To enter this secret Porsche, enclave the shoes have to come off and no mobile phones are allowed. A small price to pay I say if given the invitation to view such a one-off collection.

Porsche Heaven (Image PCA YouTube)

Porsche Heaven (Image PCA YouTube)

The collection is filled with iconic Porsches from every generation, rare 911s, the very collectible 959, a 918 hypercar and the amazing Carrera GT. Alongside the mid and rear engined Porsches a few front-engined models are on display. These include the Porsche 944 and 968.

Take a few minutes and enjoy the video from Porsche Club of America. Porsche heaven!

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Comments (6)

  • Hammond's teeth isnt as white as these

      2 years ago
  • The true definition of a collector

      2 years ago
  • I need to surgically remove my jaw from the floor.


      2 years ago
  • A Chris Evens Collection

      2 years ago
  • A great collection. But if you want to see the Design DNA, then they should all be in grey.

      2 years ago