Making a 2021 Car Calendar

And you're at the reigns!

Two minutes ago I had an idea. Then I ran to my laptop. Now I am here and now you are reading this. My IT course in first year provided us a challenge to create a calendar, and I remember having a lot of fun picking my cars for mine. Now I want to do the same, only this time, it will be all of you who decide what goes where. We need a car voted in for every month.

A post will be uploaded for every month of the year of 2021 (assuming we actually make it to 2021), and you will comment your wannabe car picture for that month. The most bumped picture in each post will be selected for its designated month.

All you have to consider is the mood for that month (for example December is hardly gonna be a roadster i8, and a snowy background would be very fitting) and also comments on each post will only be accepted if they are submitted within the two day deadline being set.

So, following soon will be the the January post! Make sure to submit and take part!

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