- They've been making what is essentially paper Fordite in classrooms? Who knew? All images: Lisa Tate

Making Fordite from Paper

6w ago


If you’ve see some of my earlier posts, you’ll know I have a huge fascination with Fordite (aka Detroit agate).

These are the beautiful man-made gems created from polishing the many layers of enamel paint slag that dripped from Ford assembly lines during the spray paint process.

Fordite: the car lovers' gem of choice. Image: Lisa Tate

After receiving my own first piece as a gift, I tried a couple of methods to make my own “fauxdite” (as I called it), with okay results.

Recently, it was pointed out to me people had been making layered gems which actually resemble Fordite with plain old construction paper. They’ve even been doing this in elementary grade art classes.

This is something I needed to try.

Since that dreaded Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I would share this method with you, in case you want to make a special something for your car-crazy sweetie.

You’ll need:

• Several layers of construction paper (various colors)

• Plain school or craft glue

• Sandpaper

• Clear nail polish

Cut the construction paper several small squares. Coat each square with the glue as thoroughly as you can, and stack them into a think, layered slab.

Let it dry at least a couple of days…some people have even waited a week, but use your own judgment when it looks dry.

Next, sand around the edges to make it smooth. Then sand it at an angle to see the various layers.

Once it is the shape you want, polish it off with clear nail polish.

If you do this right, it looks quite a bit like the real thing.

Layered paper gems pre-polishing.

This is a great easy project for young car lovers interested in talking about Fordite for a science or history project, but can’t afford actually fordite. That stuff can be pricey, otherwise, I’d own several pieces of it.

Why make paper hearts when you can make Detroit agate?

Finished paper "Fordite" an inexpensive tribite to the gem of car lovers.