Making the 911 RSR: part 3

1y ago


The new 911 RSR is powered by a highly advanced, naturally aspirated, six-cylinder boxer engine. It displaces 4,000 cc, with an output of around 500bhp depending on the restrictor. This highly efficient unit features direct fuel injection as well as a rigid valve drive.

A systematic evolution of Porsche’s normally aspirated engines, it not only meets the demands of modern GT racing, but also the requirements of the GT3 road car. Forgoing a turbo saved the RSR up to 40kg in weight.

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Comments (2)
  • How would that compare to a GT2?

    1 year ago
    • The DNA link is very strong but there's a very stringent set of racing regulations that, fortunately, the road cars don't need to adhere to. ^EH

      1 year ago


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