Malcolm Bricklin's Glizzy Gladiator

Hyper-rare distributor equipped hot dog cart, built on a rare, USDM Subaru 360 Sambar ute.

You don't think of kei trucks when you think of American food carts. Sure, they are all over the place in Asia, with Piaggio Apes and Innocenti Lambros set up similarly all over Europe. But back in the late 60s/early 70s, Malcolm Bricklin, ever the entrepreneur, offered a hotdog cart attachment made by a New Jersey based firm whose name has since been lost to history, for their 360 Pickup, or Sambar Truck as it was known in Asia and sometimes badged as Stateside.

Factory literature for the Model 500 Mini Caterer.

Factory literature for the Model 500 Mini Caterer.

This small catering wagon boasted cooking implements, to include a large ice box, 20 US gallon/76 liters of water supply, triple butane/propane gas burners, an onboard 20 gallon tank for what then went under the name "bottled gas", a steam cooker for hot dogs, bratwurst, kielbasa and the like to cook in, a soda bottle cooler designed for 300 glass bottles, on-board straw, napkin & mustard receptacles, a built-in glass bottle opener & glassed-in showcase, and an onboard combination water/coffee urn to hold 3 gallons/13 liters water and 36 liters/8 gallons of brewed coffee was available as an option. It's believed this truck is the only one still with or even equipped with the urn. The attachment weighed a measly 250 pounds/18 stone/114kg, leaving ample capacity for food, water, ice, propane & gasoline, and it started at $2175 US in 1970 dollar values, with the beverage urn extra cost. The Subaru 360 Driver's Club estimates three Mini Caterers surviving, with this example being the most original & complete, even without its umbrella and sundry other small things.

While the sellers of this truck have it displayed in a San Diego area Subaru showroom, a supplier of parts for vintage Asian and European motor scooters is actually selling & in possession of the truck, and they apparently do not know the truck's model year or year of production: the Sambar debuted in the US for 1969 and was made through 1971, with the last leftovers sold, broken down for parts, or purportedly buried at sea in some cases, by 1976. This is a 1970-71 USDM Sambar, not a '67, but it is still worthy nonetheless.

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