- The reach of #Essex is far and wide. This Ford Focus ST is superb. Photo courtesy of Ford UK.

Mallorca's Mountain Road - Europe's Greatest Driving Roads: Ford Focus ST

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Checkout 'Ford Focus ST Drives along the MA10 Mountain Road, Mallorca' kindly provided to MotorMartin by Ford Europe from their excellent YouTube Channel m.youtube.com/channel/UC-uGdDHxmwi_eH5t_ph9uuw. It's well worth subscribing.

Ford Europe have kindly shared with MotorMartin the following: It’s not just the road but the history that surrounds it that makes the MA10 on Mallorca so deeply intriguing.

The road itself is an absolute peach to drive on, going through tunnels, across lakes and over rocky bridges. Right in the middle of the MA10 sits a 13th century monastery called the Sanctuary de Lluc, and in a curious kind of way it’s the monastery that defines this amazing piece of road, even in 2016 and beyond.

Why? Because it was built all those years ago in a location that was deliberately hard to reach. The path to enlightenment, it seems, should never be easy to attain, not even when attempted in a bright orange Ford Focus ST.

And they’re not wrong. Settle down and take in the unique experience of watching the Ford Focus ST being driven how it should be on some of the best roads that Mallorca can offer.


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