- A drift track around his house! - Image from NZ Drift Life Channel

Man Builds A Drift Track Around The Outside Of His House!

7w ago


By Phil Bradley

A resident in New Zealand has got into trouble with his wife, after building a drift track around his house to get to his front door! Takeshi Teruya, originally from Japan, first got the idea when attending a festival where races were taking place on a person's driveway. This gave Teruya the inspiration to build his own drift track.

Imagine having this as your driveway! - Image from NZ Drift Life Channel

The 425ft track was mostly constructed by the 37-year old mechanic himself, completing it for a sum of $10,500. He didn't have to worry about upsetting the neighbours with his track either. As most of them were car lovers too, and even helped with the build!

Teruya's wife however was not initially a fan of the track, asking who in their right mind would build a race track around their house! She later added that the track is good for their kids on their bikes and scooters, meaning they no longer had to go to the park. Everyone wins!

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Comments (11)
  • I am going to do this and my wife is probably gonna leave me... But you know what? When she leaves I'm gonna force her to Hoon her way out....

    1 month ago
  • Great idea, until you drive through the kitchen

    1 month ago


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