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Man buys a Lamborghini and a Ferrari with taxpayer money as well as a Bentley

I mean at least he has a good taste in cars if anything

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Corona Virus funds have not always gone to plan and this is a prime example of that. A man called Mustafa Qadiri (who lives in South California, USA) has please guilty to illegally obtaining around US$5 million in tax payer money and like any person who had that sort of money, went on a huge shopping spree. He was said to have bought three cars including a Lamborghini Aventador S, Ferrari and a Bentley (but their models are not certain as of yet.) As well as that he spent the federal funds on holidays and other things too.

Qadiri apparently took advantage of the PPP (Pay check Protection Program) which was created to help fund small businesses that were struggling due to the pandemic.

Evidence has been shown that Qadiri send false PPP loan applications to three different banks for four companies that actually didn't even exist. As well as this, he changed bank records, provided fraud tax returns and false employee information and on top of all of that he even used someone else's name, social security number and even a signature when he applied for these loans. The banks didn't realise that this was fake until after he got the money.

Obviously, Qadiri isn't the only one who has been caught doing this as these sort of PPP crimes are not new. Many people have at least attempted to commit these crimes in order to become richer.

Unfortunately, we do not know why or how Qadiri was eventually suspected but it is most likely due to him sending more than one loan application.

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

Qadiri suddenly became greedy and took advantage of the PPP scheme. but as well as that committed fraud against the federal government. So he figured that he could create separate non-existent companies to attempt to hoodwink the banks.

Last week, his supercars were repossessed and so was over US$2 Million from his bank account. If you can do maths, that means that in just under a year he spent around US$3 Million alone. He was released on a US$100,000 bond and his jury trial begins on 29th June. But the world is not at all surprised that Qadiri's lawyer refused to comment.

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur

So things may not be looking great for Qadiri right now but at least (if anything) he has a good taste in cars.

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