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Man destroys his BMW M5 ten minutes after he bought it

7w ago


You should never get excited too much when you buy a new car. This is even more true when the car in question is very powerful. Unfortunately, some owners, under the influence of emotion, are overconfident. Others, on the other hand, are simply unlucky. This is the case of this man who had just bought this brand new BMW M5.

And as it was the case with the Corvette that crashed a few days ago, it wasn't the owner of the car who was at fault. The man tried to avoid another car by swerving the steering wheel suddenly. He hit a Chevrolet Trax and could not keep the German sedan straight, which then went off the road and crashed into a pole.

The accident occurred on a street in Baltimore, Maryland. There were no serious injuries to the occupants of either vehicle, which is largely not the case for their cars. In the case of the M5, the sentence is more than severe since the car just became unusable.

The worst part of this story is that the owner had only driven seven miles before he had this accident. Based on the condition of the car, the collision was likely violent since the hood is completely bent and a lot of debris was thrown around the vehicle.


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  • And the golden cock award goes to...

      1 month ago
  • Such beautiful pieces of engineering should never be handed to such assholes

      1 month ago