- Yep, that would be my face too.

    Man Dressed As Pennywise From The Movie ‘IT’ Is Terrifying Drive Thru Employees

    I'd imagine if this guy got into a road rage incident, it'd be over pretty quick, the other party would be GONE! No clownin'.

    3y ago


    It’s back and It’s Terrorizing Drive-Thru Employees across the country. Be on the Watch out for this Hangry Clown!

    Considering I just watched this movie the other day, I can safely say if I saw this clown driving anywhere near me, I'd want to be in a big SUV and I'd probably run him off the road :|

    That being said, plenty of people were good sports and even asked for a selfie with Pennywise..

    At any rate, well done Jay Karl, I can only hope I never run into you in real life unless I am in on the prank :P


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    • Hahaha, check the Indian girl, not giving 2 fucks about him

        3 years ago


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