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Man spends over £30,000 to fight a £100 ticket

71-year-old Richard Keedwell believes the legal system is "seriously flawed". The retired engineer was given a £100 ticket for driving 35 mph in a 30 zone. However, he stands by his belief that the ticket was issued incorrectly and that he was "certainly not doing more than 30mph."

He said, "I was very surprised when a couple of days later I got the NIP [Notice of Intended Prosecution]. I really could not believe that I had been speeding. It made a simple day out turn very sour actually."

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When he received the ticket, he wrote on it that he had "no case to answer." To prove that, he hired the services of video electronics expert Tim Farrow to show that the cameras were flawed. Farrow said that Keedwell was a victim of the "double Doppler effect," which is a technical problem in which the radar beam of these cameras deflects to another vehicle travelling in the same direction, and giving that car a wrongful ticket. Farrow said that, because of this revelation, the case "should never have gotten off the ground."

you realize it's more about getting money than road safety

Richard Keedwell

It took several attempts for him to appeal the case, losing twice. He said he thought the case would be "fairly quick," but incredibly it ended up with him spending "the best part of £30,000" in total – and he's still going.

Keedwell said that if Tim said that there wasn't a case, he would've just paid the fine. However, he maintains that it's about more than just him. "When you start looking into this, you realize it's more about getting money than road safety." He added that he believed British motorists are getting "steamrolled" by the system.

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  • He should just take it like a driver, pay the fine, remove your number plate, then go for a drive and set off as many speed cameras as you can

    1 month ago
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  • What a legend lol, keep fighting the good fight

    1 month ago
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