Man stopped by police during lockdown as he drove 14 miles to play Pokemon Go

The police said Pokemon Go was not “Reasonable Excuse” to drive 14 miles during UK lockdown

12w ago

A man in the UK has been fined £200 for leaving his house to play Pokemon Go during the UK national lockdown.

The man reportedly confessed quite easily and said he had driven from his home in Bedworth, to Kenilworth, 14 miles away, to look for Pokemon.

The police then fined him for “contravening the requirement to not leave or be outside the place they live without a reasonable excuse,” according to the BBC. “We would like to remind people they must not leave or be outside their home unless they have a reasonable excuse.”

With the daily UK COVID-19 cases and deaths still increasing, it is perfectly valid for these kinds of fines to be implemented. UK citizens are told to remain at home during this third national lockdown.

Pokemon Go was released back in 2016 and is a smartphone game which allows players to find pokemon in an augmented version of reality by using local map data to place the digital creatures on a lightly modified map of the real world. The game requires players to move to real places in order to play it, which may explain why the man in this news story felt the need to drive out to a different town to play it. You gotta catch 'em all!

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Comments (135)

  • Good on him

    Last time I checked we where not living in North Korea

    As long as he’s did a risk assessment and is not going to be in contact with others without the appropriate ppe no problem

      2 months ago
    • Although I think he’s a moron for playing Pokemon

        2 months ago
    • Have you been to North Korea

      I have

      My wife is one of Scotland’s nursing advisers so I know what I’m talking about

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • What a bloody f****** moron, this is why the virus spreads!!! If you don’t follow the damn rules!!! Then you won’t get your so-called ‘freedom’ back, everybody, needs to stay indoors, not because of a woefully crap mobile game, not because you think it is ‘taking away our freedom’, stay indoors.

    Once you do that, it will calm down, and then, we can go back to normal!!!

      2 months ago
    • Exactly

        2 months ago
    • That’s it stay in your home and weaken your immune system. We should all be going out at least once a day not hibernating as that isn’t good for anyone. The media propaganda machine does its job controlling people with fear.

        2 months ago
  • I really don't see whats wrong with taking a drive if you don't come into contact with anyone. Glad I live where I live and I'm free to take a drive, by myself, while being within talking distance of anyone.

      2 months ago
  • It is a bit funny but what an idiot.

      2 months ago
  • Not so sure this is fair. If he’s alone in his car, then going to a lonely spot to hunt Pokémon- he’s not really putting anyone at risk. 🤔

      2 months ago