Man surprised that police could catch his 2002 Acura during 140 mph chase

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Not many of us are brave or stupid enough to take on the actual police in a race because we think our car is faster. But sometimes these things happen and in this case, it did.

This man was stopped on the Indiana highway for driving at 116 mph. At this point on the highway, the speed limit is only 55 mph which means he was travelling at over double the limit. Not only did he not stop, but he carried on going. At some points during the chase he was reaching speeds of up to 140 mph at 2:30am.

The car in question was a 2002 Acura CL, not known for achieving high speeds by any means. The driver himself was a 20 year old man called Lorenzo Gagliano who was from Dyer, Indiana. He later claimed that he was surprised that the police cars could keep up with him. He was under the impression that a police state car has a measly V6, but he would be very much mistaken as they actually have a powerful V8.

What I love the most is that the Indiana State Police said in the report, "A police V8 Hemi can catch a 2002 Acura." If you didn't know, the Acura has a 225 hp V6 which has nothing on the V8 Hemi it was up against.

Is he the idiot of the week?

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  • In 1968 I had a 61 Galaxie 500 with a 410hp 390 V8 with a 456 rear end. VERY few could touch it in a quarter mile! One of our town Marshalls would always seek me out every time they got a new Pursuit car to see if they could beat me. The closest they got was their 1968 Plymouth Fury 440, 375hp Super Commando. At 1/8 mile I was two cars ahead, at the quarter one car ahead and then he was gone! With 4:56 gears my top-end was only 95. I got there a lot faster than he did but I wasn't stupid enough to try to get away from him on open road where he could go 140mph!

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  • Bruh moment 100

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