Man Turns Lamborghini Aventador Into Xbox Controller

Or, "A Day In The Life Of The Upper Class"

3y ago

The rich really are different from you and me. Unless you have a Lamborghini Aventador, in which case you're still probably not as cool as this guy. YouTuber POG was dissatisfied with the racing game setups people usually get, so he decided to turn his actual Lamborghini into a controller...for driving virtual Lamborghinis.

After buying Forza 7 from the store and a spirited drive home, he places a projector on top of the car, with the Xbox on the engine cover and keyboard on the wing. Through some kind of wiring witchery, the car's steering, throttle and brakes can be connected to the Xbox and used to play the game just like a real car.

Why this beats driving your actual Aventador on an actual road, I'm not sure, though it certainly saves on fuel costs and insurance. POG also owns a 675LT and an 458 Speciale Aperta; the latter might work well with Assetto Corsa. Just a thought.


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