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Man uses rare supercar as apartment wall

Argentinian race car driver Pablo PĂ©rez Companc decided that he does not want an expensive painting to decorate the wall of his about 8 million Dollar oceanfront flat in Surfside/Miami. No, he went for a Zonda R.

He loves the Italian supercars so much that he owns two of them and could not think of anything better than hanging a Zonda R into his bedroom.

Image: Finish My Condo

The Brazil-based design company Artefacto was in charge to install the rare Zonda and to make sure that the custom made aluminium and carbon fiber support beams hold it in place. Around the car the entire residence was furnished, illuminated and coloured to compliment the vehicle.

Image: Finish My Condo

The carbotanium body of the Zonda R has one of the most complicated and aerodynamic shapes, which enables the 6.0 liter V12 AMG engine to propel the car to a top speed of 218 mph while over 700 screaming horses try to explode.

Now the passionate petrolhead in all of us has only one burning question:

Why should one chain all the horses into a posh show-off flat instead of whipping them around a race track?

Just look how happy Clarkson is in the Zonda R! Seems like a fantastic experience.

Stay calm, because none of the 15 Zonda R ever made has been harmed.

Perez Companc explained it all in an interview with 'The Drive':

"A few years ago I asked Horacio (Pagani CEO) if I could get an AMG engine, because I would like to put it in the shop. He told me, 'Why do we not do a replica of the Zonda R?' At first I thought it was a crazy idea, especially with the cost of buying such an expensive chassis. Time passed by and he called me again. He said, 'Ok kid, that's it, we're going to make a replica of the R but you have to put it in your house.' And that's how it happened. Obviously, it's a completely bare chassis and it could never mate with an engine, as the carbon fiber wouldn't have the density to withstand the torsion. So it's strictly decoration."

He also talks about the Zonda on his Instagram account:


Nevertheless it is quite crazy. But if I could have one too, I would not say "no".

What do you think? Is it okay to use a Pagani as a room divider?

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