Manny Khoshbin is Buying A Baby Bugatti For His Son!

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3w ago


Manny Khoshbin is a rich man. There's no better way to flex your money than to buy your son a Type ||. There's the perfect combo!

Manny is buying a baby Bugatti for his son Enzo, but states multiple times that he may drive it himself. Moving on to the actual car, he's most likely going to buy a Vitesse, as it is built using carbon. As for the color, he asked people in the comments section of his YT video (down below) to pick it. (For some more info on the car, watch the DriveTribe video down below) He also stated that he wanted the car to be a one-off in the area of specs so there's also that to keep in mind.

So what do you think about the Type ||? Put your specs for it in the comments!

Manny Khoshbin's Video

DriveTribe's Video

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  • The amount of money this guy spends on cars is a bit overboard.

      25 days ago