Mansory did another thing, this time with a Porsche Taycan

And it is surprisingly understated

First you read 'Mansory' in the headline and now you have to forget everything you knew/assumed about the well-known German tuner, famously (or should I say 'notoriously'?) quite aggressive with their makeovers, because this time they've done 'their thing' with the Porsche Taycan and it looks shockingly, well, normal. For once.

Maybe they're just trying to stay in tune with these modern and sober times, or maybe they ran out of ideas about how to make a car look overdesigned but whatever the reason, the Mansory Taycan looks good, without looking gaudy. As per tradition, Mansory replaced several body components with carbon fibre ones. The front splitter is made from forged carbon, same as the side sills, the rear apron, the small lip spoiler, the rear diffuser and custom made wing mirrors.

The factory wheels were ditched in favour of a set of Y.5 one-piece alloy rims, measuring 22 inches in diameter, and paired with the standard brakes and calipers but in order to spice things a bit, Mansory will give you the opportunity to the calipers painted in any colour you like.

Interestingly, Mansory has only shared two pictures to showcase the interior - specifically the custom side steps and steering wheel - but that's just because they'll offer customers the chance to pick any colour and leather type they like, with contrast stitching and piping - and carbon fibre inlays - on request.

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Comments (20)

  • My God that is way uglier

      1 month ago
  • Its understated yes but it still is ugly

      1 month ago
  • Permission to destroy all Mansory related assets.

      1 month ago
  • Not entirely sure why? You might as well get the existing trim wrapped in 'carbon' and buy your own wheels (if you think it'll look better with them fitted?) As is so often the case, this kind of tinkering actually makes the car worse. Those wheels will definitely significantly reduce range, and the altered trim will increase drag, doing yet more range depletion. I suppose if you only trundle along the beachfront in Monaco, this makes sense, but for every other usage, it's a stupid idea. EVs are more efficient turning the energy they receive into forward motion. This is why they cost so little to charge per mile. The thing is though, that they also carry less energy in their batteries than a tank of fuel. You cannot afford to mess with the millions spent on R&D by the manufacturer, like the old days. Now, if these Mansory people stuck to a paint job and spent their skills improving the interior, my comments might well have been filled with praise. It's indicative of a status quo across the motor trade being tested to its very foundations. So much of what we're used to, expect and even dream about as regards the world of motoring, is going to change fundamentally from they way it is now. Tuning shops will have to become hackers and programmers, who can guarantee their wares to insurance Companies. Body designers and modifiers will need to sell lightweight panels and make more aerodynamic products, as their improvements, for motorists. Longer lasting brakes that don't corrode and stay nice looking for the life of the car. Transparent solar panels you can get laid over your panoramic sunroof. Coffee makers to keep you going as your luxury car drives you between business meetings. Things are changing, but this is not amongst them... sorry.

      1 month ago
  • The only car they made that looks good is an EV.

      1 month ago