Manthey Racing works its magic on the new Porsche 911 GT3

Dare I say the perfect track toy?

4w ago

There are endless Porsche tuners out there who provide unheard of performance figures and radically upgraded aerodynamics, but no one does it quite like Manthey Racing. From the GT3 RS MR that delivered the sub-seven minute Nurburgring lap time to the radical, 700-horsepower GT2 RS MR, they've covered most modern Porsches. Manthey's most recent work, the new 911 GT3, completes their 911 GT range.

This Manthey GT3 features even more enhancements than what you see here. Manthey fitted a new four-way coilover kit developed with KW suspensions, an improved rear wing — this time made of carbon fiber — flics for better air channeling, and a Manthey brake kit featuring performance brake pads and lines. More noticeable refinements are the lightweight OM-1 rims with aerodiscs, front canards, and a new diffuser. As an added plus, Manthey are OEM approved, thus you retain the factory warranty.

While no horsepower or torque figures have been specified, Nicolas Raeder, Manthey Racing's managing director, spoke on this matter, saying "the production model lapped the Nordschleife...17 seconds faster than its predecessor [for a time of 6:58 minutes]" therefore Raeder "can’t wait to see how fast the car will be with the Manthey performance kit."

Manthey aims for a 6:40 Nurburgring lap time, and expects the first GT3 MRs to be available for purchasing in the second quarter of 2022.

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