This Testarossa isn't white. It would have been even more awesome if it was. But don't worry, this #Ferrari will still make you feel like Don Johnson.

The #Ferrari Testarossa... Is there an even more iconic Ferrari? Right, you have your F40s, 288 GTOs, Daytonas, 250 GTOs. But take a closer look at this one. It looks like nothing else. A perfect representation of the 80s. The American dream (Italian way). A car that will make you want to go back in time. Times when wearing a tight T-shirt under a white blazer was cool. Perms were mandatory, and your pants very slightly too large.

The Testarossa's name comes from its great ancestor the 250 Testa Rossa race car. Everything sounds more fancy in Italian, and this car is the perfect example because Testarossa means redhead in english (Obviously less sexy...). So, back to the "redhead". It came out in 1984. Music hits like Madonna's Like a Virgin were all over the place, The Terminator movie was in every cinema, and men were wearing the moustache like porn stars. So why did this car end up being so iconic? First things first, it starred in a massive TV show called Miami Vice. Everybody was watching this. Enzo Ferrari himself was a huge fan and was the one who personally handed the keys of a Testarossa to Don Johnson (main character of the show). Hard to imagine the "commendatore" with his sunglasses watching this American show dubbed in Italian.

don't blame her for not liking to be thrashed around.

Jonathan Yarden

Well anyway, the car was not just here for the show. It was also a true Ferrari. Which meant, awesome design, big engine, and high emotions. Did it have all of this? yeah.... Not really. The 80s were all about showing off. The Testarossa's design is very eccentric and some say it looks grotesque with its enormous rear-end, and its horizontal lines that look like a cheese grater. It is true that it lacks a little bit of finesse. But that's what makes this car so unique. And what about the engine? Being a Ferrari, it had to be powerful. And being the flagship, back in the days, it had to be a 12 cylinder. Centrally mounted, the heart of this redhead develops 390hp, and will take the car up to 290km/h (180mph). But don't think of it as the perfect track car. The TR is more like a GT. Being quite heavy with 1640kg, it will not have the character of a more nimble and more focused 288 GTO. But that is not what this car is trying to be, so don't blame her for not liking to be thrashed around.

For a long time, the TR was forgotten. At some point, you could find one for $40'000. Now, you will find one in perfect condition like this one for around $120'000. And we expect this car to be a perfect investment. In a near future, finding a 12 cylinder Ferrari with a manual gearbox, and perfect spec, will be complicated. Final question. Does it bring you high emotions? Listening to this screaming flat-12 is like going to the opera, and stepping inside a Testa' will take you back 30 years ago. This car feels timeless. It may not be the ultimate driver's car, but who cares? You are driving an icon, a myth, a piece of Ferrari's golden era. Hate it or love it, the Testarossa is forever.

Ferrari Testarossa

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

This article is a reedition of an article previously posted.

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Comments (8)

  • I get it, but I still maintain the F40 is more important

      3 years ago
    • Both were significant cars but for different reasons. The F40 proved that Ferrari could still produce an out an out drivers car while the Testarossa sold in huge volumes that added significantly to Ferrari's bank accounts. The Testarossa...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • I remember the unpopularity of these cars in the not so distant past.. They were mocked for being too of their time, too outdated. I looked with interest, The value projections appearing in magazines and classic car papers were rock bottom (low, even then).

    It probably wasn’t a bad thing though. Maybe people saw those articles and thought it was tempting, If ownership of a flagship Ferrari model would be so easy.

    Now the 1980s seem to be having a resurgence.. A new-wave of fans are looking back to the era for fashion & music and those who were there are enjoying the nostalgia. The Testarossa being synonymous with that time has rode the wave well-

    All of a sudden it jumped in value and popularity. Perhaps the appearances in “Wolf of Wall Street” or “Straight Outta Compton” helped.. Or maybe, People just got tired of trying to criticise what was a very bold, Very out-there design and started to appreciate what it got right.

    I don’t want to sound too “hipster” here, But I loved them before they were cool (again). My introduction to the car was during It’s time in the wilderness & I always thought it was treated rather harshly. I hope that now, Their honour is restored!!

      3 years ago
    • Hey Dave! I couldn’t agree more with you! I even have friends who hated the Testa that now say it looks cool! I think it’s probably the 80’s hipsterish vibe that’s going on that helped the Testa to be “cool” again! Yet I have always thought it...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • A flat 12 engine from the heart of the Ferrari Boxer, that's one very cool car so why isn't the Red Head also very cool? Flat 12 Ferrari engines produce a truly amazing sound. Those that invested at the foot of the market will prosper no doubt.

      3 years ago
  • Thought it’s a flat 12🤔

      3 years ago
    • You are totally correct! Thank you for spotting that, we will modify it ASAP

        3 years ago
  • your tribe is great man! keep up the good work!

      3 years ago