Marius Designhaus gives the Lambo Urus a scary new look

The newly-established Romanian tuning company is launching itself with this aggressively-restyled Lamborghini Urus which it aptly dubs the MD1.

33w ago

With more than half of all Lamborghinis sold last year being the company's Urus super-SUV and production figures surpassing 10,000 units this July, it's safe to say that the fact it's quickly becoming the most common Lambo on the roads will have some owners wanting to customise their cars to have them stand out even more.

Thankfully for them, then, there's a new kid on the block in the tuning world out of Romania – Marius Designhaus – and it's looking to launch itself with a radical new body kit for the Urus.

Dubbed the MD1, the changes Marius Designhaus has made to the regular Urus includes fitting a new front bumper with an aggressive lower lip, a new bonnet, flared out wheel arches with redesigned cladding and some integrated vents, new side skirts, and a redesigned rear diffuser.

While the regular Urus was hardly an exemplar of restrained design, it's safe to say the MD1 kit gives it a properly menacing and brash new look, with its front grille making it look meaner than ever and its bulging wheel arches and chunky diffuser only adding to the affect.

Set to be produced in Europe, Marius Designhaus is claiming the use of some properly high-quality materials in the construction of the bodykit, including ultra-light carbon fibre with aeronautical-grade prepreg in all components, a mix of carbon fibre and Zylon in the bumpers for increased shock support, and Nomex honeycomb cores and AISI316 stainless steel inserts in certain other components.

Even aeronautical quality titanium grade 5 screws are utilised to hold it all together, meaning this will no doubt be an expensive option for those looking to customise their Urus.

Currently, however, no pricing is listed on the new company's website, with simply a link to pre-order the MD1 kit by email from the company's sales team. Exact details of where the body kit will be produced – be it in-house or outsourced – are also yet to be divulged.

Now that you've seen it though, let us know...

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Comments (20)

  • These Toyota's RAV4 mods have to stop

      7 months ago
  • Well.... Halloween is coming up.... It just needs to be orange LOL

      7 months ago
  • Some of it is how the Urus would look like if Lamborghini was to do a Performante version

      7 months ago
  • Delete the smaller spoiler on the trunk and those carbon air outlets on the sides of the bumper, and I think it will look perfect.

    It's rare to see an URUS done well, and this one certainly is.

      7 months ago
  • The wheels dont have enough tread, but other than that this looks great

      7 months ago