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Mark Webber goes for a spin in the new Porsche 911

Check out the new 911 in action in the hands of Mark Webber.

2y ago

Over the next few days, DriveTribe will become awash with images of the new Porsche 911. Thanks to Mark webber however, we’ve been treated to a brief glimpse of the 8th generation 911 in action prior to its official unveiling.

In the short video above, we see Webber drive the car spiritedly around a soggy test track. While it perhaps isn’t enough to quench the thirst of curiosity for most petrol heads, what it lacks in driving it makes up for in information.

For a start, Webber confirms the car will be called the “992” as the rumours have suggested for so long. He also, very interestingly, says that this new car has the widest front track ever fitted to a 911, referring to it as a “GT3-spec” - alluding to the racing series. The 992 also has a longer wheelbase that Webber says will help keep it stable at high speeds.

He went on to reveal that the 992 has moisture sensors in the wheel arches to detect slip and transmit information to the stability systems so they can adjust appropriately. Whether this takes command away from the driver or not is yet to be known.

Webber also revealed that a new rev counter and gear selector features; although the “upmarket” interior we’ve been hearing so much about was cunningly hidden in the video.

All in all, Webber’s video has made my curiosity even greater. But thankfully, we don’t have long to wait until the 992 is officially debuted in Los Angeles later on tonight.

Before you go, tell me: is there anything in particular that Webber said that’s made you either excited or anxious? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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