- Such a nice little car without the major dent in the front

Mary Lous new clutch

43w ago


Before I did that I was the only one willing to drive the car, since the seal behind the clutch wasn’t sealing and you had an interesting procedure to get the car moving:

Normally you would only need to angage the clutch. Here you had to engage, and release with a pump of the gas, that the oil situated between the plates would be flung out. Then you had to slowly ease off the clutch until the rest of the oil dissipated and the grip came about. Then you had, since the clutch was at the end of her life to gradually push in the gas, so it wouldnt slip.

I was the only one who was willing to drive that car :P My parents were too afraid.

The clutch I took out of that was basically only dust and the rivets holding the clutch facing started to get scrubbed off… Luckily it hadn’t damaged the flywheel.

Afterwards it didn’t slip, but the seal on the side of the gearbox was shot too. I realised that when I changed the engine about a year later. Since then I didn’t look into it. Because somehow the crash lead to matters more pressing than a little oily seal :/

​Here you have the difference: The new, shiny, better quality clutch and the old one.

As to why the engine is dissassembled to be basicly only the block, and why it is securely situated on bricks and not an engine stand, and why it is even out of the car there will be a follow up, since I have done so many repairs to my dear Mary Lou. So follow me if you want to get updates ;3