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Maserati Announces 2023 Formula E Entry


1w ago

I couldn't believe it either when I first saw the above tweet, but it's true: Maserati will have a Formula E campaign starting next year, as the electric racing championship enters its third generation.

This marks Maserati's first true factory racing effort since their successful MC12 project ended in 2010, marking a new foray for the brand as parent company Stellantis pushes for groupwide electrification. And to hear Maserati CEO Davide Grasso say it, the marque sure sounds confident.

“We are very proud to be back where we belong as protagonists in the world of racing. We are powered by passion and innovative by nature," said Grasso. "We have a long history of world-class excellence in competition and we are ready to drive performance in the future,” adding that their FE entry is a big step in establishing their so-called "Folgore" EV lineup.

Of course, that makes Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle happy, saying that fans "will be thrilled to see Maserati line up on the grid as one of the world’s elite electric car brands.”

Given that Audi and BMW just left FE for new endurance racing ventures, it makes sense for FE and Maserati to happen, and it's generally a good thing to see new carmakers try a hand in motorsport. But it's still quite jarring to report on this given Maserati's brand positioning. Then again, with the EV era coming in only 15 or so years, I suppose it's better to do it now than later.

Hat tip to @Hazel Southwell on the/DRIVE for the extra info.

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  • Oh my goodness 🤦‍♂️. First Drivetribe closing, my investment being very sucks and now this 😓

      12 days ago
  • I was hoping Maserati wpuld reenter motorsport some day, but I'm not sure I wanted it like this.

      12 days ago