Maserati is restoring the Shamal to take you back to the 90s

    Maserati's ‘FuoriSerie’ division has undertaken this project

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    The 90s were great for petrolheads. We saw many supercars like the Ferrari F40, Porsche 959, Porsche GT1, the list goes on and on. In the 90s, we also saw a boxy car called the 'Shamal' from Maserati. Everybody's forgotten about it now but Maserati's ‘FuoriSerie’ division is going to bring it back.

    'FuoriSeriei' is Maserati's division which deals in bespoke cars.

    An Instagram post on Maserati' FuoriSerie account said, "Real talk here: Maseratis from the early 90s had a ‘few’ quality control issues. We know it, you know it". Ouch, writing that must have hurt the Maserati admin.

    Maserati FuoriSerie claim that the Project Rekall (the restomod of the Shamal) will be "a drivable love letter to that specific chunk of Maserati’s past that is so difficult to ignore. Sharp edges, box fenders, up-to-date technology and sci-fi taste is what’s on the menu."

    The Shamall was powered by a twin-turbo 3.2-litre V8 and only 369 were made. It's a pretty rare car.

    All the info about the Shamall is on social media right now and the FuoriSerie's latest Instagram post has said that they will need our help in "making the hard choices". Maybe Maserati are going to take people's views into account in this project. This could turn out one of the best restomods of recent times.

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    • Love the boxy design. But that speedometer looks insaaaaane! 🔥

        2 days ago


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