Maserati MC12

630 bhp, 5,998 cc DOHC 65-degree V-12 engine

Utilizing the incredible Ferrari Enzo as a basis, Maserati and designer Frank Stephenson put their own unique twist on Ferrari’s most significant car to date. With Maserati on the rise, the time was right to produce a world-beating supercar, and the Enzo was the perfect platform. With only 50 examples produced, the MC12 proved to be hugely desirable from the moment it was announced. Not only did it make waves in the showroom and on the open road, but the race-spec MC12 Corsa saw considerable success in the GT and GT1 World Championship series.

Much rarer than an Enzo and arguably more striking, the MC12 is an automobile that demands attention and respect wherever it goes. It is undoubtedly the most significant Maserati produced in the 21st century and an automobile that will only become more desirable over time.

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