- Discrete Sonus Faber logo hides one of the industries finest sound system. Unlike in Pagani Huayra, Maserati opted for a more conceal speaker design.

Maserati MC20 & Sonus Faber sound system

More manufacturers nowadays pay attention to the sound. Both the one that engine makes and the one coming from audio system. Some even combine them. Not Maserati.

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T​he year is 2020 and everything you can think of has been delayed due to Coronavirus. Launch of the latest Maserati product was affected by the vicious global pandemic but it didn't make the Italian manufacturer cut corners. The MC20 is finally presented to the public and it is an absolute stunner!

M​aserati unveiled the MC20's power plant a few months before the final car design and teased us with its vigorous sound. Nettuno V6 is most definitely worthy the brands panache. The supercar enthusiasts should be satisfied for sure. Yet, it you think about it, in this supercar game it is not all about the engine sound and performance. There are more and more ameneties that buyers seek for in their next pride and joy. Maserati did a great job with the design of MC20 and one of the first things that are being noticed when entering the car are beautiful butterfly doors. Something that we have used to see on McLaren cars. What we also often see on McLarens doors once opened is precisely integrated Bowers&Wilkins speakers. So my guess is that Maserati didn't want to stay behind and opted for the best Italy can offer to reproduce sound and mach it to the music played by Nettuno V6 engine. Sonus Faber got the honor to put their speakers in the lates supercar from the Cassino factory. Not much information is shared at the moment aside from the fact that sound system is comprised of strategically positioned 12 speakers to fill the cabin with "bellissimo" sound of your favorite tunes. That is when you are done enjoying the "Cressendo" from the Nettuno engine amplified by the numerous tunnels while raving it next to the mesmerizing Adriatic coastline in the "Corsa" mode. So dial it down to "GT" mode on the drive selector, put some Pavaroti tunes and crank up the volume on Italys most immersive speakers to transcend your body and soul in the new dimension of music. A dimension who's portal Maserati has opened with MC20 and let's just hope it'll never close on us.

W​hat do you think of this collaboration between the two Italys brands? Would you rather see some other speaker brands logo on the door panel of MC20? What Italian music artist would you prefer to listen on this Sonus Faber system cruising down the Amalfi Coast in your new MC20? Please do share in comments below.

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