Maserati on TT Mountain Road

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This year's Maserati Club UK Autumn Meeting was held on the Isle of Man. One of the highlights for me was a drive along the famous TT Mountain Road.

The Isle of Man has a very different approach to speed limit to the rest of the UK. Whereas the national speed limit on single carriageway roads is normally 60 mph, in the Isle of Man there is no limit. You are free to drive at whatever you consider to be an acceptable speed. Of course, there are practical limits, and you can still be prosecuted for driving recklessly including driving too fast for the conditions.

It does sound to be petrolhead heaven but in practice the fact that these are normal roads and have two way traffic on them does limit things more than say on a track. That said the freedom to set your own speed is intoxicating. My drive was tempered by a recent service revealing that I needed new brake discs, just below minimum, and that wouldn't be done until after this trip.

Starting with an empty road ahead, and various other club members on the route, I pushed my foot to the floor at the start of the run. Here is a taster from it.

Afterwards we all met up at the TT Pits for a chat and to take a few pictures. I then took a full lap around the circuit, just to say I'd done it.

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  • Wow some guys have all the luck! Terrific Mick!

    1 month ago
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    • It was so much fun I had to go for another lap. Will have to go back, there's something liberating about not having to watch the speedo and just driving the road.

      1 month ago
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    • I'll bet and that just has to be one of the best roads in the world to watch too. How do you get your car over? I'm not quite sure the distance, is there a ferry of some sort?

      1 month ago
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  • That would have been fun.

    I should mention my great aunt lives on the Isle of Man and drives violently, and has never been prosecuted.

    1 month ago
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