Maserati proves racing yachts can be made faster using automotive know-how

And you thought cars and boats have nothing in common....

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Cars and boats don’t exactly share the same technology. However, some companies deal in both still. One such company is Maserati. They believe, there are certain aspects which can be shared between the two and so they did, including a little study on the same. The results can be quite surprising.

In a bid to attain maximum performance and maybe a couple of wins as well, Maserati’s ocean racing team announced a collaboration with the firm’s automobile division. This research partnership saw the water-sport team make use of the car development tools and know-how, to obtain maximum performance benefits for their boat, the Maserati Multi70 Trimaran.

Using advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations, the engineers had analysed the recent races of the Multi70 and further studied the current configurations to identify possible areas of improvement. Then, virtual tools were used to test several hull streaming and sheet configurations.

The result? The Trimaran’s entire vessel aerodynamic penetration coefficient was reduced by 5 per cent. The flow around the craft improved as well, leading the sails to work more efficiently, implying an increment in propulsion force by 4 per cent with lesser than 1 per cent rise in heeling force (or excessive leaning over one side). These minor improvements summed up to help this Trimaran racing yacht version’s cruising speed to exceed 43 knots. The standard Multi70 can sail to a mere 40 plus knots.

This attempt to share technical resources and knowledge between two entirely different modes of transport turned out to be fruitful for the Italian manufacturer. This rise in velocity should come as good news for the sailing team as well as its skipper, Giovanni Soldini. Not only will this come to aid in their monthly races scheduled until October 2020 but also for their slated Channel Record attempt.

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