Maserati Road Trip

The New The New Year is approaching, and that means time for our annual road trip, but this year with a twist. We're driving my Maserati Ghibli S

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Miami to Knoxville to Ashville to Greenville... We seem to be visiting as many Ville's as possible on this trip. But before I continue, let me provide a bit of background information. What started as a small trip to Brevard, NC in 2011, Has unknowingly become an annual tradition of basically nonsense, ridiculousness and basically an overall spontaneous shit show with only destinations being planned in advanced. Usually, step one on our week-long adventure starts at a rental car center, but not this year. This year we are taking my Maserati. Miami to Knoxville

I know what's going through your head. Why? Why would you want to take your Maserati on a road trip? This guy is crazy. Well, first, I'm not crazy (my friends may debate that fact, but I'm sticking to my statement). Secondly, I have two words that will make me crazy if I have to sit behind that dreary, ugly, no personality wheel one more time... MINIVAN. I can't do it anymore. Don't get me wrong; it's practical for a road trip. You have cargo room, economy, and passenger comfort. But, I have all of that in my Maserati. Cargo room is covered by a massive ( that might be a reach but going with it), so, an enormous trunk, you can definitely fit some luggage there. Fuel economy, I believe, is a relative term. I get better fuel economy compared to a hummer, so that's a check; passenger comfort. There are seats in the car, so check.

Ok, so you know where we are going, why we are going and what we are driving, and as you can see, I'm confident I've made a fantastic decision. But, now that it's just between us..... worry has set in. This is a Maserati, not exactly the number one car that comes to mind when you are referring to reliability. But as I worry about every little squeak, any raddle, and a warning light that could happen in the car. I can't help but dream of the performance of the vehicle on the trip. The sound it will make in the tunnels, the suspension winding through mountain roads, and fast-breaking into the hairpins and the accelerating out.

This article is a quick insight into what is about to go down. I will be posting photos, videos, and any content I can throughout the trip. This could be an excellent adventure, or this could be an impressive failure. So please send me your petrol head prayers and a happy new year to all of you. I will write a recap of the trip once I return... well if I return.

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Comments (7)

  • Welcome to DriveTribe Carlos, looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

      1 year ago
  • I'm pretty sure you'll survive unless you're trying to do it the Paris-Peking way XD

    Of course, in the old days, Maserati wasn't a Maserati if all of your doors fitted properly, but nowadays, it has gotten better. Godspeed!

      1 year ago
    • I’m sure there will be Paris - Peking moments. Thanks !

        1 year ago
  • Thank you! Your post has only made me look forward to it more ! Have a great new year

      1 year ago
  • You’re going to love it Carlos! I drove my Maserati from Boca Raton to Knoxville twice, and from Boca to Chattanooga. The first time I had owned the car only 2 weeks and had never even driven one before, and the beauty of the drive and the performance of the car cured all my jitters. You’ll never take a road trip in a minivan again!

      1 year ago
  • I’ll be twenty miles from Brevard all next week, beautiful area.

      1 year ago