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Maserati teases again the MC20 supercar

The Italian supercar will be revealed soon

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COVID-19 will have turned Maserati's plans upside down. The brand new and much-anticipated car of the Italian brand was originally scheduled to be presented in May. The curtain finally had to be raised five months later, a more than interminable delay for the fans of the trident.

The MC20 will therefore be officially unveiled on September 9th. Maserati is once again anticipating the arrival of the car with a teaser. The supercar is parked at night in Venice's famous Piazza San Marco. The car, still camouflaged, is half hidden behind a wall.

Thus exposed, the front side evokes that of the venerable MC12 with headlights at the ends complemented by an imposing grille. The long bonnet with a backward cockpit is also characteristic of the old supercar. Designed in Modena, the MC20 is about to go into production.

In order to live up to its reputation, the MC20 will have to have a resolutely sporty pedigree. A 3.0-litre V6 with 630 bhp and 730 Nm of torque will be used under the bonnet. Maserati also claims that this engine is the first to be used on a series production vehicle with Formula 1-inspired technology.

Photo credits Maserati

Photo credits Maserati

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