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Will the MC20 change the tides for the Italian Manufacturer

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​Maserati was and still is today, synonymous with the image of the sports car. But recently the brand has fallen under some rough times. From 2018 to 2019, the brand's revenue fell by one billion dollars, and their vehicle output fell 16,000, a shockingly large number for a sports car brand. These troubles are nothing new. Maserati has had troubles since the oil crisis of the 70s. There are many reasons that Maserati never recovered. The brand has never made cars that are as technologically advanced as their competitors. Their lack of success also runs parallel to their lifespan as a sub company to manufacturers like Citroen and the FCA. Whatever the cause, the brand has been forced to do long runs of very forgettable luxury cars that were years behind their competitors. Their cars have been so devalued that almost anyone can afford to own the Trident badge. However, Maserati’s most recent unveiling gave us something that we didn’t really fully expect: the MC20. The MC20 is frankly one of the most beautiful cars of this generation in my opinion. It updates the classic Maserati look with wide hips, an aerodynamic design, and an aggressive look. It breathes “Italian sportscar” and it’s something that is sure to turn heads. But will this car save Maserati, or is it just a last hurrah?

T​he Numbers (aka The Interesting Part)

​The stunner is powered by an engine Maserati calls the “Nettuno,” a 3-Litre 90º Twin-Turbo V-6 Engine producing an impressive 621 maximum horsepower and 538 lbs/ft torque. It’s mid-engined, so you’ll get that classic sports car feel. It’s also surrounded by a rear wheel drive carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. Maserati claims it can reach 60 mph in under 3 seconds, and it’s top speed is over 200 mph. It should handle just as well, with a weight that is under 3300 pounds. On the interior, Maserati has finally figured out what the year is, with a fully digitalized interior, including the touchscreen we’ve come to expect in these types of cars. Furthermore, the interior is designed to breathe just as much “Maserati” as the exterior, and if for some reason you’d ever want to get out, it comes with butterfly doors. As far as aerodynamics goes, Maserati created it’s shape in a full-scale wind tunnel, something that is standard among current day sports cars, but is mentionable nonetheless.

H​ow It Stacks Up

While these numbers are impressive, they don’t guarantee success against Maserati’s competitors. The car will begin sales in the Fall of 2021, and will reportedly start at a surprisingly competitive $210,000. Let’s not forget that this is supposed to be Maserati’s masterpiece. It takes it’s namesake from the MC12, so it needs to live up to expectations. Maserati themselves have done anything but lower expectations, claiming that the car is “the first of it’s kind” and a “pure-blooded Maserati for a new era.” With this level of expectations, the MC12 has to compete with both the golden bull and the prancing stallion. Both Lamborghini and Ferrari are also esteemed sports car manufacturers. With such fierce competition, this car has to really be great to convince it’s wealthy target market it’s worth a chance buying. Ferrari’s entry into the ring might be the F8 Tributo. It’s sixty grand more expensive, but you get two more cylinders and about 90 more horsepower. However, it’s zero to sixty time a shockingly similar 2.9 seconds, and Ferrari may not be entirely truthful about all of the car’s performance statistics. Ferrari claims the car weighs 3,163 lbs, but when weighed by YouTuber DragTimes it was found to be almost 300 pounds heavier than it’s claimed to be. While manufacturer reports are frequently off, this number is a bit too large to be an unintentional error. The Roma starts it’s sales only 10 grand higher than the MC20, and boasts 612 hp and 560 lbs/ft torque. Ferrari claims that it weighs 3,245 lbs, but I find this hard to believe, as it’s 0-60 time is 3.2 seconds and it’s top speed is 199. Don’t believe everything you read kids. BMW’s M8 Competition is $70,000 less than the MC20 and reaches 60 in 2.5 seconds, but also weighs 4,400 pounds, and that can not be fun to handle. There are even more competitors I could mention, but it would be rather redundant. With all the other vehicles I compared it to, the MC20 was either better than or very competitive with. Now we can’t know what the exact numbers are for the MC20 will be until someone gets ahold of the car, but from what we’ve been told, the numbers look good. Whether the MC20 is a flop or a huge success, we can all agree that it’s a stunning car visually. We can only hope that this marks the return of Maserati as we all know them, and not a nostalgic last goodbye.

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